Philip Kingston is the representative for District 14 on the Dallas City Council.

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With an intense focus on bringing transparency and accountability to all aspects of city government, Philip Kingston is transforming District 14 and the city of Dallas as a whole.

During his term on city council, Philip Kingston has played a key role in the revitalization of Greenville Avenue, bringing an urbanist, neighborhood-first agenda to the rest of the district. Not only has Kingston helped spearhead the rebirth of the entertainment districts of Lower Greenville and East Dallas, he has done so with community safety and walkability in mind.

Kingston has also used his time on Dallas City Council to try to help solve the pension crisis for Dallas police and firefighters. He believes that ensuring the existence of a solvent pension fund for those first responders who risk their lives to protect the citizens of Dallas every day is an example of the sort of service which lead him to election as a councilman for District 14 in Dallas.

His concern over care for workers brought about a living wage ordinance and rest break protection for construction workers in Dallas during his term. Each accomplishment was achieved with diverse council coalitions that seemed unlikely at best. It is a testament to his ability to see beyond political differences to achieve the best results when it comes to protecting and serving his constituents.

That is also why Councilman Kingston has fought and will continue to fight to protect all citizens of Dallas and residents of District 14 from discrimination of any kind. He believes that all citizens should be treated equally and have the same access to city services.

Kingston believes Dallas can be a city that serves the needs of its residents first by providing them excellent quality of life improvements and vibrant employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. Philip will continue to fight to make the voices of the residents of District 14 heard.