DMN refresh

As far as I understand, the paper’s new site design is intended to capture readers from Twitter feeds rather than present a readable layout to those visiting the landing pages on a browser. Why on earth can’t it do both? The website now lacks any obvious organizational principle, and even when you navigate to a section (navigation inexplicably hidden under “Topics;” what’s so horrible about vertical, left-hand menus?), items within the section seem to be randomly placed.

At this point in internet history, there are a whole hell of a lot of us who are quite used to reading news off a feed.¬† The best practice is a chronological feed with date and time of posting and transparency for edits subsequent to the initial post. DMN’s¬†Twitter feed might have been a substitute for this except that you can’t cull out the topics you don’t want to see.

Tell me what news site wouldn’t be instantly improved by simply copying Fark?


“Powered by?” Have we gone back in time to 2003?